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Sanibel Captiva Investment Advisers, Inc is a Chicago-based Registered Investment Adviser that works with individuals and institutions to preserve and build capital.

Welcome to Sanibel Captiva Investment Advisers

We work with high net worth individuals to build customized portfolios that match their risk tolerance, return requirements, and income needs. We typically eschew the use of opaque "alternative" investments, preferring the transparency of high-quality common stocks and fixed-income instruments. We are investors rather than traders, using bottom-up security analysis to build portfolios that can achieve long-term capital appreciation while generating income.

We also manage concentrated equity portfolios, investing in businesses with sustainable competitive advantages managed by talented capital allocators. We have found that these types of businesses can be misvalued by public security markets that do not fully appreciate the degree to which sustained high returns on invested capital can compound shareholder value over long periods of time. Our equity portfolios are limited to businesses with structural competitive advantages, allowing us to build a circle of competence in the study of competitive analysis.

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